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Use us as your resource for putting together your investment portfolio in fine art. We offer aid in acquiring any artworks you desire. We also maintain the utmost discretion and confidentiality for all our clients.


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We are happy to begin assisting you in putting together your own fine art investment portfolio, as well as educating you on how you can use your portfolio as an income stream. Please contact us today.

Welcome to Chad Jase Fine Art and Tangible Asset Portfolios

As a division of Tangible Alternative Assets, we help you create tailored Fine Art Investment Portfolios that reflect your taste, style, and investment savvy.

Fine Art Investment Portfolios

The key difference between fine art investments and other types of financial investments is tangibility. While money can disappear when put into conventional paper investments, such as the stock market, truly fine art not only retains its value but often increases in value. Additionally, your fine art portfolio can turn into an income producer, further enhancing its value. Because of these advantages, a fine art investment portfolio is a secure investment.

Chad Jase Fine Art and Tangible Asset Portfolios Is the First of Its Kind

We are a fine art studio that assists you in creating a fine art portfolio specifically as an investment. Using a careful selection of artists’ works and our professional expertise, we have helped many clients put together collections of art pieces that reflect their taste and that also have the potential to create an income stream, and we can do the same for you.

Original Works

At Chad Jase Fine Art and Tangible Asset Portfolios, we feature the original works of artists Den Coelho, T.J. Walton, and Lee Chabot. We also offer our services to anyone wishing to purchase works of art from any artist you may choose.

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